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Review: Common Folk Farm Cranberry Orange Herbal Tea


Common Folk Farm - Cranberry Orange

Abby says:

Tea Type: Herbal, Loose
Temperature: @212 (boiling)
Steeped: 5 minutes
Served: Nothing added at first, then a bit of honey. Finally, iced

Common Folk Farm Cranberry Orange Herbal Tea is not one you will easily find in stores. So do yourself a favor and click the link to buy some online if you are interested in giving it a try!

This tea is a blend of cranberry, orange peel and herbs. At first I tried this tea hot, but for me it was too tart. Most fruit, herbal teas with cranberry or hibiscus are too tart for my taste. I then added a bit of honey and that didn’t help.

Common Folk Farm  - Cranberry Orange

So, let it cool, then poured it over ice and it was prefect! I could taste the cranberry, but it was overpowering and being cold gave it a refreshing quality. Of course adding ice dilutes the flavor a bit, but not too much if you drink it before the ice melts. For some reason, cold tart drinks are just fine in my book, but hot ones are not. Is this true for any of you?

Taste: 3.5 of 5 leaves – A decent tasty tea.
Steepability: 5 of 5 leaves — this tea is easy to make!

Common Folk Farm - Cranberry Orange