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Review: Tiesta Tea Victorian Earl Grey

Tiesta Tea Victorian Earl Grey


Abby says:

Tea type: Loose leaf
Temperature: @ boiling
Steeped: 4 minutes
Served: Nothing added

You all know how much I love earl grey tea! So, of course I was really excited to give this one a try. Overall a traditional earl grey blend of black tea and bergamot oil with the interesting addition of lavender, rose petals, marigolds and cornflowers.

The presentation of this tea is quite pretty, dark black tea with the light flower petals mixed through out. The aroma is also very nice with a decidedly floral scent. Finally, and more importantly, the taste was good too! Not quite the strong citrus burst typical of strong earl grey, but the bergamot still comes through enough. There is also a hint for flowers int he taste as well. The three flavors – the tea, bergamot, and flower petals – blend well together and are well-balanced.

This tea could easily become an everyday tea! It’s easy to drink, yet the taste remains interesting from start to finish.

Taste: 4 of 5 tea leaves – Quite a good cuppa!
Steepability: 5 of 5 tea leaves – this tea is easy to make!


Lavender Sugar

Lavender Sugar

Isn’t the scent of lavender just wonderful. I love it so much! It is my favorite herb to grow in my garden because I just love the smell. I find it intoxicating, like I can’t get enough! It is also one of my favorite herbs because it fairs will in Maine’s short growing season and is tough enough to survive our long winters.

There are a million different uses for lavender from simple potpourri to lotions and soap – including TEA! With the harvest from this summer I’ve decided to try my hand at making lavender sugar to put in my tea and bake with too!

Lavender Sugar

Making lavender sugar is pretty simple. Just harvest some of the lavender stock from your plant and pull off the pretty purple flowers. Mix them into an air-tight container with sugar (I used one cup) and let that sit for a couple of weeks. Then sift out the wilted flowers and you’ll be left with the infused sugar!

Lavender Sugar


Lavender Sugar