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TeBella Tea Company

TeBella Tea Co

On a recent trip to Tampa, FL I stopped at a terrific tea shop, TeBella Tea Company in Davis Islands. The main street that TeBella sits on is just the cutest thing. There are shops, bars and restaurants all of which are well maintained to give you a unique neighborhood feeling as you take it all in. We also stopped at Yeoman’s Road Pub for a pint, but that’s a story for another day. Now… more about the tea!

TeBella Tea Co

Look at all that tea! A dream come true. There were tons of beautiful teas to choose from and the staff was friendly and knowledgeable about the teas they had to offer. They were also very patient and let me see and smell many, MANY teas before I settled on my favorites. Thank you friendly tea folks!


One of the teas that I took home with me is their White Coconut Dulce (pictured above). A beautiful tea with bright white coconut shavings mixed it.  It smelled and looked amazing.  Hopefully you will find a review of it posted here soon. Spoiler alert: it was delicious.


They also had the gorgeous chocolate made by locally by William Dean Chocolates.  For some of these chocolates TeBella tea is used. Almost too lovely to eat, but not quite.


After drooling over the tea and chocolate offerings we finally made our selections. Opting for hot and iced teas. BTW, Tampa has wonky weather in February. Then we made out way into the pouring rain and quickly flooding streets, off to our next adventure in Tampa. Cheers!

Tea Cold and Hot