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Tea Cocktail: Almond Earl @ Sonny’s in Portland Maine

Sonny's Almond Earl

You all know how much Katie and I love tea and you may have heard us mention how much as also like cocktails – put the two together and we’re in adult-beverage heaven! I’ve got a new HOT cocktail recipe to share with all of our like-minded readers.

First, let me give credit where credit is due. I did not think this up on my own, but how I didn’t is beyond me. The other day I  went to brunch at Sonny’s in Portland, Maine.  Delicious brunch, BTW. Sonny’s is known for their amazing cocktails and during brunch service they have additional drinks available.  One of them is the Almond Earl, Earl Grey tea with Disaronno. It’s divine. A hot blend of black tea, citrus and almond. Perfect.

It is the easiest cocktail to make. Simply make a hot cuppa of your favorite Earl Grey tea and add a splash… or more of Disaronno, almond liqueur. Done. Enjoy!

Here are some Earl Grey teas that we think will work well:

David’s Tea – Cream of Earl Grey

Tea Forte – Earl Grey

Stash Tea – Organic Earl Grey Black and Green

And a decaf option too thought it’s not our favorite tea:

Spice and Tea Exchange Decaf Earl Grey