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We  love to hear from you! Please let us know if there is anything you’d like to read about. If you are a tea company please email for tea sample submission details. Thank you!


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5 responses to “Contact Katie & Abby

  1. Patricia Bogdanowich

    I recently tried your Lemon & Ginger, Ginger Peach and Passion Fruit. I am sold. Love them all.

  2. Hello Patricia, thank you so much for your comment. However, we want to clarify that we review many different brands of tea. We are intrigued by your comment! What brand is this delicious tea that you’re speaking of – we need to try it!

  3. I have designed a New Modern Trendy Tea Bag, it self squeezes and does everything its supposed to do. Not being rich, how do I get Tea Companies interested in it or can i get help.

    • Ian, that sounds very cool! If you want to email us photos, delecteable (at) gmail (dot) com, or send us a sample we’ll blog about it if we like what we see. I’d recommend contacting tea companies and sending them samples. You can also put out a press release and send samples to bloggers. Also, try bringing your sample to a food/tea conference. Good luck!

  4. I am hooping you can help me.My niece Gina Hahn spent time studying in Galway last year and fell in love with Galway Cream Tea.She has looked everywhere in the states for it.I am that AUNT that does anything she can to find whatever my incredible niece want. Her birthday is Aug 10 and once again she has informed me not to get her anything big and just spend time with her.Yes,she is that kind of young lady.I know if I am able to get some of this tea for her she would be thrilled. I know it will cost to ship and the tea itself costs as well,being it is so unique….however I would still love to pull this off…can you help me ??
    Thank you for your consideration.

    Best ,
    K Fuson …NJ

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