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Winter visit to Harney & Sons, New York

Whenever we visit NYC, Katie and I love to visit Harney & Sons. The experience is something that we both look forward to every time. This year we visited on a chilly winter day. The perfect type of day to find yourself is a bright and beautiful tea shop. Harney & Sons is such an inviting place, its smells divine and everything is pretty. The walls of tea will never cease to impress me. I just love looking at all the tea varieties stacked up next to one another, all the way up the wall.

Our tea guide was amazing. He knew his stuff about tea and had some deep and hilarious quips for us. He found the perfect teas for each of us: an espresso of tea for Katie and left of weird tea for me. I loved them both, Katie loved hers and agreed that mine was, in fact, weird.

You will see some reviews of these two teas pop up soon.

We didn’t have time to sit for tea and snacks this time around so we ordered some tea to go from the cafe in the back and browsed all of the lovely tea-things while we waited for them to be steeped. Then we were off, with our Harney tea in hand, for more NYC adventures: tacos, shopping, Santacon, Bryant Park and the most delicious Italian tapas in Brooklyn.

Until next time, thanks for the experience Harney & Sons!


Fred’s Mr. TEA

With a slogan like “throw some tea in your trousers” how could you not like this tea infuser? I love that he sits in your cup like he’s hanging out in a hot tub. If you’re like me and think that tea doesn’t need to be stuffy get yourself a hilarious Mr. Tea!

I bought this when on vacation and my B&B had a terrible tea selection. No name brand, old dried out plain black tea…yuck! Luckily there was a cute tea shop in town. 🙂

Check out Mr. Tea in use with Tea Forte Green Mango Peach:


#teatime :) 4-9-2013

Dry Tea

It isn’t ‘really’ tea.  It is a fig and rose herbal tea.  So, #herbalinfusiontime is more accurate, but doesn’t have the same lovely ring to it.

Snowed In? Time for Tea!

Katie's Tire SwingFirst you see it, now you don’t!  This before and after shot shows Katie’s tire swing disappearing under the blanket of 24+ inches of snow that has fallen SO FAR in Mass.

Plum looking out window

In Maine yesterday we hunkered down and watched the snow come down. Some of us drank tea, of course.


This morning we woke up to some serious and beautiful snow drifts thanks to the fierce winds.

Across the Street

Believe it or not there is a road there somewhere.  I’m sure the plows will around to sometime soon. If you have been snowed in like us, we say “stay home, drink tea, eat sometime good and enjoy the view.”



10/31/12 #WordlessWednesday


For a happy new year just add tea

white loose leaf tea

It’s that time of year when we all decide what we should do more of and what we should give up. We create lofty lists for self-improvement but rarely remember them after the middle of January. I could vow to be a better blogger. To post when I say I will and to not make my wonderful blog-partner Abby chase me down for my half of the reviews. (yeah, she does. Isn’t she great?) You get the idea. But then this would read like ever other blogger’s new year’s post.

Instead I challenge myself, and all of you, is to simplify your list. Make a list if you must but see what all of the resolutions have in common. My guess is that it will be some form of “live healthier, happier…better.” My advice instead is to just add tea.

I’m not implying that the act of drinking tea is a miraculous answer. Here I mean tea as philosophy not just a beverage. What do you picture when you think of a cup or a pot of tea? Relaxing with a good book? The health benefits of teas? Sharing it with good company? It’s soothing quality when you’re sick? A wise yogi?

  • “When tea is more than a drink and the tea ceremony is understood and practiced to foster harmony in humanity, promote harmony with nature, discipline the mind, quiet the heart, and attain the purity of enlightenment, the art of tea becomes teaism.” (from Wikipedia)

My new years resolution, to just add tea, is to be more of the good things tea symbolizes. To take time to relax, to care for my body and mind, to enjoy time with good company, to love and care for others when they appear to need it and even more when they don’t. This year I will practice living in the moment with gratitude and love. And having fun…lots & lots of fun. Otherwise, what is the point?

I hope that if you like this post you’ll share it or click “like.” Even tea-philosophy-spouting-bloggers aren’t above shameless self-promotion. Please comment and share with us how you’ll “just add tea” in your life.

To all of our blog friends, we wish you a great big Happy New Year!