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Winter visit to Harney & Sons, New York

Whenever we visit NYC, Katie and I love to visit Harney & Sons. The experience is something that we both look forward to every time. This year we visited on a chilly winter day. The perfect type of day to find yourself is a bright and beautiful tea shop. Harney & Sons is such an inviting place, its smells divine and everything is pretty. The walls of tea will never cease to impress me. I just love looking at all the tea varieties stacked up next to one another, all the way up the wall.

Our tea guide was amazing. He knew his stuff about tea and had some deep and hilarious quips for us. He found the perfect teas for each of us: an espresso of tea for Katie and left of weird tea for me. I loved them both, Katie loved hers and agreed that mine was, in fact, weird.

You will see some reviews of these two teas pop up soon.

We didn’t have time to sit for tea and snacks this time around so we ordered some tea to go from the cafe in the back and browsed all of the lovely tea-things while we waited for them to be steeped. Then we were off, with our Harney tea in hand, for more NYC adventures: tacos, shopping, Santacon, Bryant Park and the most delicious Italian tapas in Brooklyn.

Until next time, thanks for the experience Harney & Sons!


Lavender Sugar

Lavender Sugar

Isn’t the scent of lavender just wonderful. I love it so much! It is my favorite herb to grow in my garden because I just love the smell. I find it intoxicating, like I can’t get enough! It is also one of my favorite herbs because it fairs will in Maine’s short growing season and is tough enough to survive our long winters.

There are a million different uses for lavender from simple potpourri to lotions and soap – including TEA! With the harvest from this summer I’ve decided to try my hand at making lavender sugar to put in my tea and bake with too!

Lavender Sugar

Making lavender sugar is pretty simple. Just harvest some of the lavender stock from your plant and pull off the pretty purple flowers. Mix them into an air-tight container with sugar (I used one cup) and let that sit for a couple of weeks. Then sift out the wilted flowers and you’ll be left with the infused sugar!

Lavender Sugar


Lavender Sugar

Adagio Fandom Sampler Tea Sets: Magic Potions #HarryPotter

Ok, so this post is LONG overdue because I’m here to talk about an awesome gift that my husband gave to me for Christmas. See, overdue, it’s March! But it’s so fantastic, that it’s still worth talking about. So here it is:

FullSizeRender (34)

Yep, that’s right! An Adagio Tea fandom sampler of Harry Potter inspired tea! My two obsessions combined. I am over the moon about these teas too. They come in the cutest tea tins and all fit nicely into their little storage container. The teas have terrific names like pumpkin potion, polyjiuce, veritaserum and beerbutter. Not exactly like the books, but you obviously get the idea. They are SO MUCH FUN.

Adagio Magic Potions

And, hey, the tea is good too! Each one is a beautiful loose leaf tea blend that smells wonderful whenever you open the tins. The ingredients aren’t listed on the tins, so you have to go back to the website to see what you are drinking. But sometimes trying to solve the mystery is part of the fun – just like reading the books!

Magic Potions

Stay tuned for some reviews.  🙂

Tea & Macarons 

 Katie says:

Abby & I sampled the fine tea & macarons at Portland Patisserie. I liked that this chai wasn’t overly syrupy — like it often can be! I would, however, have liked to have tried it a bit stronger. Nevertheless this had a nice taste and was perfect to accompany these beautiful macarons! I don’t always instagram my dessert, but in this case it was to pretty to not post!

Abby says:

Holy macaron! So beautiful and colorful. Just the right pick-me-up on a cold winter day! The coffee flavored one was my fav. It had just right amount of coffee bitterness to balance the sweet. Loved how well the brittle crumbly outside matched the filling. My thoughts on the chai latte were mixed. The overall impression was that it was too weak. I needed more chai flavor, less milk. But it was blended well and was nice and frothy ! I would certainly try another one, but I think I would ask for just a bit less milk.

How to Host a Tea Party!

tea cups

The tea party is just the greatest thing, right?  Bringing family and friends together over tasty treats and delicious tea is a wonderful thing.  Recently I decided it was time for me to host a tea party!  Let me just tell you all about it and what I did to make it work.

It is important to think about where you will be hosting your tea party.  Initially I planned to host at my house, but then after thinking about my nasty cats (really only one of them is nasty, but together, they are quite the pair), I decided it would be better to host in a crazy-cat free environment.  Because it is January in Maine, we needed to be inside, but an outside spot on a nice warm day would be so lovely.  Maybe next time.

I used Facebook instead of sending out invitations (so cute, if you have time!) to invite family and friends and to let them know I would be proving the tea.  The guests were also asked to bring food to share with the group.  We ended up with the prefect selection of savory and sweet treats from tea sandwiches, veggie pizza bites, a cheese plate, cupcakes, cookies and breads.

tea food

Over the years I have collected quite the eclectic tea cup stash, so everyone got their own unique tea cups to drink from.  I made a pot of Joseph Wesley 07: Lapsang Souchon and a pot of jasmine green tea.  And for anyone wanting decaf I brought along an assortment of bagged herbal teas. On hand, I also had Mr. Tea and a few different loose herbal teas for people to try. The guests were interested in trying teas that they had not had before, so sharing my large (I mean LARGE) selection of teas with them was a lot of fun!

With help from my tea party guests, throwing my tea party was great fun and pretty easy to do.  Delegating items for others to bring made it much easier for me and let people know what they could do to contribute. We all had a lovely time and I am already thinking about my next one. 🙂