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Silicone Reusable Tea Bags

Hey guys, check these out! I just got them and I LOVE them. A whole set of candy colored reusable silicone tea bags. These are perfect to use with loose-leaf tea when you only want to make a cuppa, instead of a whole pot of tea!

Pro tip: these would be prefect for Mother’s Day along with some fine loose-leaf tea! You’re welcome ūüôā

They are super easy to use, just pop of the bottom piece and spoon in your tea. Then pop the bottom back on and use like a regular tea bag. When you’re done, just dump out your tea leaves into the compost and wash out the tea bag. These are dishwasher safe, so toss it in there to make things even easier!

You can find them on¬†Amazon. With the six-pack, I keep a few at home and a few at work. I’ve always got one ready to go. And just look at all the cutie¬†colors!


* Update * Kickstarter: #Teplobottle – The Smart Bottle for Tea Lovers

Hey #tea friends!  Remember when I posted about Teplo the tea bottle Kickstarter campaign last month? If you missed it, check it out here.

Well, good news to report! Teplo got funded! ¬†The campaign was able to raise over $73,000. Impressive, right?!? ¬†More good news, if you didn’t make it in time to contribute to the kickstarter, but still want a Teplo tea bottle you can now pre-order from the kickstarter page. ¬†Looks like the first tea bottles with be shipping in August, so a bit of a wait from here. Will report back when my Teplo arrives. Finger crossed for August.

Kickstarter: #Teplobottle – The Smart Bottle for Tea Lovers

Image from Teplo Kickstarter page

Hey there tea friends!

Just a quick note to make sure you are all aware of the awesome kickstarter going on right now. Shockingly, I didn’t know about it until my friend Michelle sent me the link. Thanks for keeping me in the loop, Michelle!

As of today there are only 17 days left for this project to get fully funded, so make sure you head over to check it out. Click here.

Teplo is a smart glass bottle that is paired with an app to not only help you steep your tea perfectly, but also keep it warm for you! How cool is that?! The design is super simple and sleek, but the technology that makes it work is anything but that. I’m sure this isn’t for everyone, but it’s pretty cool nonetheless. I’m sure I’ve done a terrible job at actually explaining this, so check out the link and watch the video ūüôā

Fred’s Mr. TEA

With a slogan like “throw some tea in your trousers” how could you not like this tea infuser? I love that he sits in your cup like he’s hanging out in a hot tub. If you’re like me and think that tea doesn’t need to be stuffy get yourself a hilarious Mr. Tea!

I bought this when on vacation and my B&B had a terrible tea selection. No name brand, old dried out plain black tea…yuck! Luckily there was a cute tea shop in town. ūüôā

Check out Mr. Tea in use with Tea Forte Green Mango Peach:


Loose Leaf Tea Made Easy

At Work I drink tea, a lot of tea. ¬†Before I was given this little beauty from our friend ManChing from MySoCalledCooking (thank you, again!) I was only drinking bagged tea at work. ¬†All of my wonderful loose leaf teas were left at home. Boring, yeah, I know. But that is all in the past now… its loose leaf whenever I want these days! ¬†This thing is so easy… really!

Simply dump the tea into the opening at the top.  Add hot water (at work mine comes from the water cooler (or heater?).  Steep. Then place the container full of tea over the top of the mug and you are done!

There you have it, a hot cup to tea ready to go!  I will often leave the tea leaves  and re-steep them later on in the day when I have a spare minute.  Clean-up is quick and easy too Рjust dump out the leaves and rinse out the container and its ready to go for next time.

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to prepare loose leaf tea this is a great way to go.  How you have a favorite tea accessory that you use at work or on the go?  We always love hearing about new things and ways that people make their tea-things work for them.

Tea gifts for the holidays

It’s that gift-giving time of the year. Is your holiday shopping done yet? Mine is not. Typically I have more gifts checked off the list by now, but this year…no such luck! So, if you’re like me and find yourself in desperate need of some last minute online gift shopping here are some ideas for tea-lovers.

Tea insfuser from Tovolo

First on my wish list is this cool tea insfuser from tovolo. Do you like brightly-colored kitchen accessories? Then you may already own some tovolo items. I just realized that they are the company behind my favorite ice tray! (That is a great product too but I’ll save my rave review for iced-tea season) So yes, back to this tea infuser. This is a item that I don’t actually own but I’ve seen it in several of the gourmet kitchen-ware catalogs I receive. What I like about it above all is the design. It just LOOKS cool. As a visual person I’m all about the visual appeal of products…I’m a sucker for great design & packaging. However, aside from just looking cool it has good-sized (not too big or small) openings for infusing and a little stand to catch the drips! Infusers with a handle are my favorite because you can use them to stir your tea just like a spoon. Perfect for adding a touch of milk or honey to your cuppa.

Blue Willow infuser teapot

A new teapot is something that thrills any tea enthusiast. I chose blue willow for this gift list because it’s cute but somewhat traditional. It also has the convenience of the built-in-infuser. If you’ve seen some of my other posts you know that I’ve been into collecting vintage tea cups. Blue Willow is simple yet collectible in it’s own slighty-kitchy way.

Oxo Drying Mat

What does this have to do with tea? Well for me tea is an experience. I like my tea in the morning out of my to-go mug but I most enjoy when I am able to make a pot of tea to enjoy with a friend. Or, when I take a huge mug of tea, in one of my hand-made ceramic mugs, onto my porch on a summer morning. Vintage tea cups, teapots, and hand-made ceramic mugs are not dishwasher friendly. However, most of my cups & plates go directly in the dishwasher so I don’t want to leave a huge drying rack on my counter top. This would be the perfect solution. (Far better than my soggy dish towel) I also like the idea of the tea cups sitting flat on the drying rack not balanced percariously on an angled rack. This type of drying mat is also fantastic for wine glasses so mine would surely be doing double-duty.

Numi Flowering Tea Gift

I love flowering tea. Jasmine pearls are my favorite because though they’re still small in their steeped “bloomed” state they have a simply delicious and unique flavor. Pair blooming tea with a glass teapot or Glass teacup like the one below and you have a great tea-themed gift!

And…I have to mentioned my favorite tea accessory. While I love the ceremonial quality of tea, lets face it, sometimes I just need it NOW and to-go!

Anyone who has been reading the blog is probably tired of hearing about my Aladdin infuser mug…but this is an all-time favorite of mine! Aladdin should really start paying me for all of this promotion! ūüėČ See this and more of our favorite things on the “favorite things” tab of the blog.

Attention fellow online shoppers! Keep in mind that this Thursday the 15th is the last day to take advantage of Amazon’s free shipping! See the full holiday shipping schedule for Amazon here and be sure to read the policies of all websites you order from carefully!

I love the OXO Good Grips LiquiSeal Travel Mug – Do you have a favorite mug?

Can your mug do this?

(photos courtesy of

No? I didn’t think so. Mine can…because I have this one! In pink. It’s my new favorite. My sister-in-law gave it to me for my new job. Toss it in your bag, carry it in the crook of your arm, and no spills! I just tossed an old mug that leaked on me this weekend, I HATE a leaky mug. Good thing I have such a great replacement.

Do you have a favorite mug?

Cute Tea things

Abby’s recent post about the teacup collection gave me a craving for some more teacups! Then today I got an email from Daily Candy’s Swirl (an online shopping site like Rue La La & Haute Look) with some adorable tea cups & pots. They’re priced $15 -$30…not a bad deal!

If you prefer vintage for your tea time, take a look at ebay! Ebay, antique stores & flea markets are great places for vintage tea finds. All of the ones I’ve chosen to show from ebay are under $15.

Dragonfly Teapot

A teapot can be so important to the enjoyment of a cup of tea, at least for me anyway. Now, keep in mind, I’m a busy girl and don’t always have the time to steep my tea in a teapot. ¬†In fact, sometimes I count myself lucky if I can just get the water boiling and into my travel mug before the door hits me on my way out (five minutes before I’m due at work). ¬†But, lets not talk about that nonsense right now. Instead, think about a more relaxed experience. ¬†Often after a long day a hot cup of tea is just what I need. ¬†These are the times when my teapot love shines! ¬†I have several in my collection and believe me, I love them all. ¬†But, most of all, I love my dragonfly teapot! ¬†This was a gift from my husband. ¬†He is a smart guy, so he learned the quickest way to my heart early on!

Who wants a pretty cup of tea from an ugly teapot? ¬†No one, that’s who. ¬†My dragonfly pot is so beautiful and elegant that it’s a true pleasure to use. ¬†It’s a wonderful cast iron and dark blue, with a dragonfly on either end. ¬†Supposedly, these dragonflies are meant to symbolize about 4 million things, like new beginnings and marriage and such, but I don’t worry about that part all that much. ¬†They make the teapot look great; like a piece of art.

It is just the right size for making full cups of tea for me. ¬†Obviously, one cup is never enough! ¬†It has a basket for steeping loose tea. No trying to deal with infusers and what have you. ¬†Also, the cast iron will keep my tea warm for a looooog time! ¬†I’m not the fastest drinker on record, so this is important. ¬†I do not enjoy pouring my second cup of tea from a pretty pot then having to nuke it in the microwave to heat it up. ¬†All appeal is gone after that. ¬†For those of you who need hot tea for a long period, this one has a stand under which a tea light a go.

Another wonderful thing is that maintenance¬†is quick, easy, and straight forward. ¬†No leaving steeped tea in the pot or basket for too long and that’s really it. ¬†Other than rising it out after use.

Basically, I’m saying I love, love, love this! What is your favorite teapot? ¬†Where did you get it and how long have you had it? ¬†As an enthusiast, it is great to hear how other people drink their tea and what tea-things make people happy!

Tea…there’s an app for that!

Have you ever tried a tea timing app?

They are quite handy. The tea app, $3.99, will give reccomendations for brew times for each type of tea but adjust the timers based inn your prefrenes. It will also keep an inventory of the tea you have and your tasting notes.

Teavana also has a free tea app. If all you’re looking for is a timer than this is a great way to go. They also suggest some nice blending options for their teas.

So dear tea drinking fans, do you time your tea? Do you keep tasting notes? Please let us know if you’ve used these apps, we would love to hear your thoughts!

Also, pleases excuse any formatting issues, as is appropriate for a post about apps I’m blogging from my iPad. Cheers!