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Review: Stash Guayusa Tea – Final Four Edition

As you may know, March Madness is once again upon us and has taken over the sports community.  While basketball fans around the country were filling out their brackets, Katie and I were, as usual… drinking tea!  I decided that I wanted to get in on the action too.  So, when Stash Tea was kind enough to send us samples of their new line of Guayusa tea to review I decided to make it a bit of a competition!

They sent us five teas to review: Pure Guayusa (which we will review separately) and four Guayusa blends.  In this review each of the four tea blends will be matched up against one another for comparison, until, ultimately, I come up with the Guayusa tea winner!

In the first matchup we have Guayusa tea with lemon

matched up against Guayusa with mint

The winner of this matchup is the Guayusa with lemon, although I must say it was a close battle!  The Guayusa with mint was a strong and tasty combination.  You often find mint flavored teas as decaf, so it was certainly nice to have a caffeinated tea with a bold mint flavor.  Although the mint blend was good, the overall winner here is the lemon blend. The bright lemon flavor balanced so well with the earthy and hearty Guayusa tea.

Next up we have Guayusa with yerba mate and ginseng

matched up against Guayusa with Chai

In this battle, the Guayusa with yerba mate and ginseng was certainly the underdog given my love affair with chai.  This tea was a little too pungent for my taste, thought I did enjoy the bold flavor.  I must say that even with the interesting and earthy flavor it provided, this tea was not able to beat the Chai with its perfect blend of exotic tea and sweet and spicy flavors.  In the Chai blend notes of the Guayusa tea can be tasted, but it is also familiar because of the blend of Chai spices.  The winner of this match up is the Guayusa with Chai!

Finally the two winners of the previous competitions will match up and the overall winner will be named!  The Guayusa with lemon will match up against the Guayusa with Chai.  This was another close call, but for me the Guayusa Chai blend wins the day!  This tea was really a pleasure to drink and I can already see myself drinking cup after cup of this tea in the future.  The lemon blend provided a nice bright tea which I throughly enjoyed, but the spicy Chai flavors squeaked out the win this time.


Have you tried any of these interesting new teas?  Have you done any comparisons of these different blends?  If so, which came out on top in your opinion?  This was such a fun way to incorporate the excitement of March Madness into my love of drinking tea!  Thanks so much Stash Tea for so many great new teas for comparison.  Certified USDA Organic and hailing from Ecuador all of these teas are really a treat and worth a try.  Look for our upcoming review of the Stash Pure Guayusa tea for more information on this wonderful tea!