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Book Review: The Art and Craft of Tea by Joseph Wesley Uhl

There is still time to get this amazing book under the tree for Christmas! Order on Amazon today!

 Abby says:

In my house you will find a whole stack a various tea books that I’ve acquired over the years. Some of them were given to me and others I picked up along my travels. Most of them have been skimmed, not fully read. There are a few that have been mostly-read. That trend has changed. Upon receiving a copy of “The Art and Craft of Tea” by Joseph Wesley Uhl, I started skimming it to look at the beautiful photos and see if there might be an interesting chapter or anecdote. The first things that interested me were the two sections at the end of chapter one: Tea’s Chemistry and Change to Chemical Composition.  something you don’t typically see in a book about tea. So I started reading and didn’t stop until I got to the end of chapter two!

Then it hit me – I need to read this book! Actually read it. So I went back to the beginning. I certainly wont call myself a tea expert, but definitely a tea enthusiast, so there was a lot of content I already know of have seen before, but there was a lot of new stuff too! I learned a few new things and gained a new or different appreciation for somethings too. I found this book to be both interesting and entertaining. It doesn’t get bogged down with dates and facts, and moved quickly and easily from one subject to the next. I found the last chapter to be particularly fun because it brings tea to current trends, including pairing and recipes.

This book would make a great gift for any tea-lover on your list. The content is worth reading and the book had a good weight and feel to it. Its beautiful whether it is sitting on the shelf or being read from cover to cover.


Katie says:

Like Abby I was excited for a new coffee table book! This is much more and the perfect gift for any tea lover. Just look at the beautiful photography! I enjoyed learning about tea but my favorite part is the the last chapter of tea cocktails. Tea has become quite trendy as have craft cocktails. What to impress your friends at the next gathering? Whip up one of these tea cocktails and you’ll look like a professional mixologist! (Your secret is safe with us)


Eat Tea – The Book

Check out this sweet book about cooking with tea!  I found it at a yard sale and scored it for $1.00. Total awesomeness! It’s written by Joanna Pruess, a cookbook author and John Harney, of Harney and Sons Teas.

Eat Tea - Book

Though I haven’t tried any of the recipes yet, there are a few that I am really looking forward to testing.  Don’t these look great?

Eat Tea - 2


photo Eat Tea 3

So, go ahead – keep your eye out at the yards sales for this beauty – or you can find it at Amazon. Happy reading and cooking 🙂



The Tea Enthusiast’s Handbook

And now for a different kind of review!  A book review! 🙂

When Katie and I started this blog I was inspired to learn even more about tea.  I ordered The Tea Enthusiast’s Handbook  by Mary Lou Heiss and Robert J. Heiss from Amazon and got reading…

I really like how this book is organized not only by the classes of tea, but also purchasing, steeping and tea storage.  It provides a lot of information about the different types of tea, such as where the leaves are grown, how and when the leaves are harvested, characteristics of the taste once steeped, as well as how best to enjoy each type of tea.  For each tea class it then goes on to list many of the varieties found in that group.

The book is just full of maps, tables and pictures of the tea leaves and steeps cups.  Who doesn’t like pictures?!  This book provides lots of good and helpful information, yet isn’t bogged down with too many details.  No heavy reading here.  As a tea enthusiast I actually read this book, pretty much, from cover to cover.  Though I think for most it might make a better reference book.  Whether you read it from cover to cover or just use it now and then to beef up on your tea knowledge this book is a great resource.