About Us

DelecTEAble is a place where we, Katie and Abby, talk about everything TEA from flavors to teapots & accessories. Here you will find posts from both of us and hopefully some insight and entertainment.

Tea is important to us, but we also think tea is FUN!  The enjoyment we get from drinking and sharing our thoughts and experiences about it is the reason this blog is here.  We love trying new things and learning new stuff about tea and that is what DelecTEAble is all about.  A place to talk and learn about it in a fun and relaxed way!

Our love and appreciation of tea is longstanding, but there is one moment at which we both knew that our tea cravings were equal. When we were mere undergraduates at Syracuse University in 2004 we gave our ourselves, including 6 other roommates, the gift of tea for Christmas. We all chipped in to purchase a huge sampler basket! From then on it has been a wonderful connection for us. We have our own tastes when it comes to the steeping stuff, but our devotion is the same! Thanks for stopping by and check back often for some lively tea-talk.

And now a photo from the Facebook archives.
Left: Katie, Right: Abby

What do our tea ratings mean?

1 of 5 leaves: We don’t recommend this tea.
2 of 5 leaves: This tea is just ok.
3 of 5 leaves: A decent tasty tea.
4 of 5 leaves: Quite a good cuppa!
5 of 5 leaves: Outstanding! A MUST taste!

1 of 5 — this is one fussy tea!
2 of 5 — this tea is high maintenance but worth the effort.
3 of 5 — this tea is a bit delicate.
4 of 5 — this tea requires very little effort.
5 of 5 — this tea is easy to make!


2 responses to “About Us

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  2. Hello Katie and Abby,

    I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award because I love your blog! Check it out here: https://teawithpolly.wordpress.com/2015/09/07/liebster-award/
    If you don’t like to do this kind of thing, just disregard. I still love to read your blog anyway!

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