It’s Football Season. This evokes immediate thoughts of beer & football. So, what does tea have to do with it? Everything!

I’ve recently had to adopt a gluten-free diet. I am NOT a fan but I feel much much better when I eat this way so here we are. I miss baked goods & delicious beer. I was never a fan of regular old beer, I like craft brews. 

My husband is obsessed with New England Farmhouse style beers. They are IPAs that are cloudy, juicy, full of flavor and delicious! I’ve stood in line at Treehouse. Trillium beer is a hoarder like gold in our house. So, how could it be that I can no longer enjoy these? Say it’s not so! Fortunatly, enter Owl’s brew. Owls brew makes a tea based mixer that adds the juicy, cloudy, special sauce of Farmhouse style beers to regular IPAs.

When it comes to Gluten-Free beer Omission IPA is by far my favorite. In its own this beer is GOOD. Add some Owl’s Brew and it’s amazing! I stumbled across this mixer due to my love of tea but I’m here to tell you that any craft beer drinker will LOVE this mixer in their brew. 

Now, back to the wings. Want to know how to make authentic Buffalo Wings that would make even my Dad and Brother-in-law (who both hail from Buffalo) proud? Try this: Grilled wings. 

Coat wings in salt, pepper & olive oil. Grill until about 1/2 cooked. Then baste with Frank’s wing sauce. Finish cooking & enjoy! The secret to authentic wings is to have the sauce be baked (or in this care grilled) in but not drippy. Drippy wings stink! If you make them in the oven I also suggest 1/2 cooking first. However, if you haven’t yet, try grilling your wings. The extra flavor is quite tasty. And, don’t forget to pair them with Owl’s Brew & Beer!


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