Review: Douglas Sweets The Full VermonTEA Black Breakfast by New England Tea Co

Abby says,

Tea type: Loose
Temperature: @200, boiling)
Steeped: 5 minutes
Served: Nothing added

What we have here is a lovely strong breakfast tea. The long curled tea leaves are perfectly black and crispy, beautiful to look at. Once steeped, the create a deep chocolate brown tea that gives off a warm nutty aroma. The taste is just what you would expect from a breakfast tea, strong. I found hints of cinnamon and nutmeg, making this tea a great fir for the fall and winter.

My husband found this tea on his recent travels in Vermont and New Hampshire. I assumed that because it was under the Douglas Sweets label, that it could be purchased online. However it was not found on the site. There are other teas for sale but not this one. So, I can provide you with my thoughts on this tea, but not how to get some for yourself. Keep your eyes out if you are traveling the the New England area, you might find it in stores.

Taste: 4 of 5 leaves – Quite a good cuppa!
Steepability: 5 of 5 — this tea is easy to make!

These are the teas tat I keep seeing on all of the import sites! The sales clerk told me to pick-up some Bewley’s when I purchased my Irish tea pot. I should have listened! Well, until my next trip it’ll be off to the import store for me.

Taste: 3 of 5 leaves: A decent tasty tea
Steepability: 5 of 5 — this tea is easy to make!


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