Review: Adagio #HarryPotter Fandom Polyjuice Tea by Robert Pirlot

Abby’s Thoughts…

Tea type: Loose left
Temperature: @200 (just below boiling point)
Steeped: 5 minutes
Served: Nothing added

You wont get it from the name, so I’ll break it to you right away – this is a chai blend! I LOVE chai! I also LOVE all things Harry Potter! Soooo, yeah, I’m in love. This tea comes from the Adagio Harry Potter fandom sampler set I got from my husband awhile ago. The little tins the teas came in are just the cutest things.  With all this hype the tea better be good, right?

Don’t worry kids! It takes great! It isn’t strong and spicy like a typical chai tea, but it has plenty of flavor. The Polyjuice tea is a blend of black tea, rooibos tea, cinnamon, ginger root, cardamom, coconut, lemongrass, orange peel, cocoa nibs and vanilla. That’s a lot of stuff – just like the arduous potion in the Harry Potter books for which it’s named. This tea blends together for a light and sweet flavorful tea. Its fun to drink because all the different flavors shine in their own way. I love the addition of coconut and cocoa to the more traditional chai ingredients.

So give this brew a try if you love Harry Potter, if you love trying never versions of chai teas, and if you love the flavor of vanilla and coconut in tour tea!

Taste: 4 of 5 tea leaves – Quite a good cuppa!
Steepability: 5 of 5 tea leaves – this tea is easy to make!


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