Review: Republic of Tea Milk Oolong


Sorry folks, I was so busy drinking this tea that I forgot a photo!

Abby says:

Tea type: Loose leaf
Temperature: @200 (just below boiling point)
Steeped: 3-4 minutes
Served: Nothing added

This Republic of Tea Milk Oolong is just so interesting to drink! Don’t worry, it is definitely interesting in a good way! It comes in beautiful little rolled balls of green tea leaves that almost bounce when dropped into the tea strainer of my teapot. As the hot water pours over them the leaves slowly start to unroll themselves as they steep. For a tea nerd, that’s fun to watch!

The presentation of it isn’t the only interesting part about this tea either. The taste is quite something too. It is unlike most teas in that it has a fruity essence with a milky, smooth feel. The tea drinks in a very silky, creamy way and the flavor is bright and complex with hints of fruit and earth. It you are looking for something a little different, give this one a try.

Taste: 4.5 of 5 leaves – Outstanding! A MUST try.
Steepability: 4 of 5 leaves — this tea requires very little effort


One response to “Review: Republic of Tea Milk Oolong

  1. Linda Beer Johnson

    Ummm, great description! I can almost feel it in my mouth!. Sounds wonderful and unusual.

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