Tea Tasting in Boothbay, ME

While Abby and I were visiting Boothbay we passed a sign that said “tea tasting today” and obviously we had to stop and check it out! What we found was Wanser’s Natural Food Market and Merry Auld Tea Company!

Look for reviews of what we purchased soon! Also, if you’re “Down East” make sure that you venture into the shop. They have an amazing calendar of all of the happenings in Boothbay for the summer!

June, July, August, & even September are even more filled out but I’m told it’s just for those who visit in person so go check it out! 

And, of course, take in the beautiful costal Maine Scenery.


2 responses to “Tea Tasting in Boothbay, ME

  1. Linda Beer Johnson

    You two found Tea Heaven! I love the tea costs! Fun. Tell us about your purchases soon’u

  2. We were honored that you all stopped in! Hope you will find time to visit again!

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