Review: Honest Tea Peach Iced Tea

Honest Tea

Abby says:

Tea type: Bottled
Temperature: Cold, over ice
Steeped: Ready made
Served: Nothing added to start, then blended with unsweetened iced tea

As the weather warms up, the search for the perfect ready-made iced tea begins. This year we are starting off with Organic Peach Tea from Honest Tea. First things first, this is a tea you can feel good about drinking. It contains only organic and fair trade ingredients. That’s always a plus. Sadly the first thing I noticed when tasting this tea is that it is just too sweet. Weighing in with a whopping 25g of sugar, that’s just too much for me. Excessive sugar and sweetness aside, I really like the bright peach flavor in this tea. It simply reminded me of summer.

To make this tea work better for me I mixed it 50/50 with some unsweetened Darjeeling iced tea I happened to have in the fridge, made the old-fashioned way. Doing this makes this tea drinkable for me. Of course, some of the fruity peach flavor was lost, but the level of sweetness was much better.

Do you have any bottled iced teas or iced tea concentrates to recommend? Unsweetened or just a hint of sweet would be more my speed.


Taste: 2.5 of 5 leaves – This tea is just ok, just too sweet for me
Steepability: This tea is bottled!

Honest tea



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