Review: Finest Kind Tea Mixers & Modifiers *Giveaway*

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Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 4.32.56 PM

Our Review & Overall Rating: 1753 Green Tea, Hibiscus & a Touch of Honey
Overall rating:
Taste: 4 of 5 leaves: Quite a good cuppa!
Steepability: 5 of 5 — this tea is easy to make!


Abby says:
Tea Type: Bottled 
Temperature: Over Ice
Served: Nothing added

Finest Kind Mixers & Modifiers makes fun, stylish and tasty mixers and modifiers using a tea base. Sounds good, right? Yep. The 1753 is my favorite of the blends we tried. I love it because it isn’t sweet at all. This allows the mixer to lend itself well to a variety of different drink styles. I sampled this one just over ice because I really wanted to be able to taste the blend and all it has to offer. I liked it a lot and found it flavorful, tart and easy to drink. The hibiscus keeps it interesting without being too flowery or tasting like perfume. It compliments the green tea nicely. The honey is very light, thankfully! I didn’t taste it in every sip, but it keeps the mix from being too tart. Taste: 4 of 5 leaves: Quite a good cuppa! Steepability: 5 of 5 — this tea is easy to make!

Katie says:
Tea Type: Bottled
Temperature: Over ice
Served: as iced tea at first, added a touch of honey to sweeten more

I liked this tea, the hibiscus gives it a very unique taste. I did want it to be a bit sweeter so I added a touch of honey. The hibiscus flavor was nice, but I felt that it overpowered the green a bit. Like Abby I tried an iced tea version of this drink and found it very refreshing. I think this would make an excellent mixer with an herbal liquor like St. Gremain. Or, if you like cocktails, try it with this Elderflower tonic.


Since I am currently pregnant I didn’t test out the alcoholic cocktail recipe. If you do try it please let me know how it is!

Taste: 4 of 5 leaves: Quite a good cuppa.

Steepability: 5 of 5 — this tea is easy to make!

Finest Kind Tea

Our Review & Overall Rating: 1960 Black Tea, Lemon Juice, Cane Sugar
Overall Rating:
Taste: 4 of 5 leaves: Quite a good cuppa.
Steepability: 5 of 5 — this tea is easy to make!


Abby says:
Tea Type: Bottled 
Temperature: Over Ice
Served: Nothing added

The 1960 blend from Finest Kind is the most similar to what you would expect to find in an “iced tea” mixer. Don’t worry, it’s much better than what you typically find, but it’s a blend of the traditional black tea, lemon and sugar. After following the directions of 1 part mixer to 7 parts ice water, I found it a little too sweet for me. To even it out I added a touch of fresh lemon juice and it was perfect for me. If you like sweet tea, you’ll love it as is. Again, I sampled it over iced to get the full flavor. it was a bit too sweet for me in that form, but I suspect that the extra sweetness would work well when using this as a mixer for a tasty cocktail! The black tea, lemon and sugar match each other pretty well and a smooth blend of all three. On a side note: I just LOVE the tiny glass bottles our tea samples arrived it and have been trying to think of good ways to repurpose the bottles since all of the tea is long gone. Then I remembered Katie’s post about tiny tea-party flowers and found my use – tiny wild flower vases! Love!


Taste: 3 of 5 leaves: A decent tasty tea.
Steepability: 5 of 5 — this tea is easy to make!


Katie says:
Tea Type: Bottled
Temperature: Over Ice
Served: As directed, diluted with water over ice

I think this tea is fabulous! I tired it iced, loved it, and must acquire a big bottle ASAP. Since my sample bottle said it makes 2 servings I let my co-worker Justin try some and he also thought it was delicious, no modifications needed! I find the strength of the black tea to be perfect with just the right amount of lemon and sugar. This iced tea is perfectly yummy! Also, do note that Abby and I have very different tastes when it comes to the sweetness of tea. While this is a sweetened iced tea I did not find it to be overly sugary. It’s a New England version of sweetened tea. If southern sweet tea is your thing your thing then you’ll want to add a bit more sugar.

*Please note that we are just as critical of free teas as the ones we purchase. If we get a sample we don’t like we won’t include it on our blog.


15 responses to “Review: Finest Kind Tea Mixers & Modifiers *Giveaway*

  1. I would mix the Orange/Vanilla and mull it down with some sugar and bitters. Then finish it with some Makers. It would make for one heck of an Old Fashioned.

  2. Simple iced 1960

  3. I’d go for iced!

  4. I would love a hot cup with the Green Tea/Hibiscus, and I would share it with Christopher as we laid together in the cool grass and held each other as we watched the sun rise.

  5. Ice. Big honkin’ piece of lemon. yummmmmmm.

  6. I think you’re on to something, Kerry! Iced with lemon.
    Summer is coming, allegedly….

  7. Adrienne kinchla

    Who doesn’t like tea?!?

  8. LOVE the combination, YUM!

  9. Iced with fresh mint and 3 drops of rose water =) cheers!

  10. How lovely! I am a huge fan of tea based cocktails. This would pair nicely with a sweet vodka and fresh lemon. Perhaps a little stevia too. I would love to add some milk to the rooibos and some honey and serve chilled.

  11. 1960 Cocktail! Add some bourbon a little more lemon juice, and voila, a delicious spiked Arnold Palmer. 🙂

  12. I would do something similar to Chris, although it would have to be with a local whiskey or maybe even rum, then I could call it the Resurgam, as 1866 was the year of Portland’s big fire!

  13. I already follow on Twitter!

  14. I also follow on Facebook!

  15. I followed Finest Kind on Instagram. (Sorry for all the separate comments, just following directions!)

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