Digestive biscuits aka “tea cookies”


Just last week we posted about Delecteable’s 3rd birthday. It’s pretty cool that we’ve been blogging for that long! In that time we’ve reviewed a lot of tea! Abby and I still plan on reviewing new teas, but we’ve decided to change it up a bit too. Some of our most popular posts have been tea recipes for baked treats. So, we’re doing more of what our followers like: recipes & tea reviews. This blog will still be about all things tea but we’ll be adding in recipes & reviews of things that are perfect for teatime: foods to pair with tea. We hope you enjoy the new direction, but don’t worry, we’ll keep the tea reviews coming too!

Katie says:
Digestive cookies are a British staple. These chocolatety biscuits pair perfectly with a strong black tea. I like that they’re made with wheat flour. The biscuit part is not sweet and the hint of bitter dark chocolate is really tasty with a sweetened cuppa. I’ve posted the amazon link below but if you have a local British imports store I highly recommend a trip there. While you’re there, pickup a nice strong black tea like Yorkshire Gold.

Abby says:
These cookies are the bomb! They aren’t too sweet, too big, or too complicated. They’re juuuust right. A simple crumbly cookie with a layer of not-too-sweet chocolate. Yum! I agree with Katie, these cookies pair well with a strong black tea like Tea Forte Breakfast or Joseph Wesley 04 (Dian Hong Congfu).


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