Newport, RI Tea Shops

Empire Tea and CoffeeWhile in Newport, RI recently we were on the hunt for a good cuppa! Lucky for us, we found some at Empire Tea and Coffee on the conner of Bellevue and Memorial. We tried the Cream Earl Grey (with milk added) and the White Tea Pomegranate (with a bit of sugar). It was down pouring all day, so nice hot tea really hit the spot! BTW, I snapped the above photo about 2 nanoseconds before the clouds opened up. How awesome am I?

We also stumbled across Teas and Javas down by the water on Thames the following day, but didn’t get a chance to stop in.  Its on the list for next time!Tea and Java
A note about other tea options: A while ago Katie wrote about her teatime trip to Spring Seasons Inn.  A great spot if you are looking for a sit-down tea. On the flip side, The Spice and Tea Exchange on Thames has moved downstairs to a new location. We have reviewed several of their teas. One of our favorites is the Mystic Dragon.

Oh yeah, we also stopped by The Breakers while we were in the neighborhood…
The Breakers


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