Tiny Tea Party Flowers

Having a tea party, for one or twenty-one, is all about the little details. Pretty cups with real saucers are a must-have. Cookies, cakes or other treats really take it from teatime to a party. If you’re feeling extra fancy, special linens or flowers are a fun touch to the decor. This brings me to today’s post: Tiny Tea Party Flowers.


All this started when my sister, Anne, and I were admiring the pretty little violets growing in my lawn. Then my husband, Anthony, announced that he was going to go out and do yard work. This included, gasp, mowing the lawn! Immediately Anne & I were on a mission to save the violets.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Brady helped.

After spending longer than we should admit we had a piles and piles of violets to use as party decorations. We needed containers for vases teeny tiny things for vases. Here’s what we come up with:


We used bistro salt & pepper shakers for the small square vases and baby food jars for the small round vases.

Aren’t they cute?


We also used some of Anthony’s scotch glasses and some antique bottles to add a variety of heights. While we gathered mostly violets we also found some of these little flowers below to add to the mix. (Can anyone tell me what they are?)


Side note: don’t be tempted to pick dandelions. We thought the pop of yellow color would be pretty but they don’t last! Dandelions immediately start to shrivel and wilt making them unattractive cut flowers. I always wondered how they got labeled a weed since they are kind of pretty. Well if they’re not pickable than what fun are they! If you make your own tiny tea decor please share photos with us!


2 responses to “Tiny Tea Party Flowers

  1. What a beautiful, fun blog this is! Thanks for the pix ( so pretty) and the ideas,too. Nice work Katie! And Brady!

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