Review: Galleon Tea Sencha Fancy, Organic Royal Golden Yunnan & White Tip Oolong Fancy

Galleon Tea was generous enough to give us more samples of their teas!  Please see our first review of their tea: Golden Snail. For these three other teas we decided to simply review them all here in this post with the intention of giving our readers a sense of the types and quality of teas available from Galleon tea.

Abby says: White Tip Oolong Fancy (photo above) Oh, how I love oolong!  This tea did not disappoint. It has a light touch of earth flavors with hints of cocoa giving it some bitterness. An underlying subtle sweetness balances the bitterness perfectly and makes this tea easy to drink and gone, just like that!

Katie says: This tea was a very mild oolong. I did notice that I found Galleon’s teas mild across the board so I recommend using a good amount of loose tea or using a small cup like a traditional teacup & saucer for any of their teas. Oolong pairs well with chinese food but this is emil enough to enjoy with almost any meal. I like my tea with honey, but in this case I’d go with a raw sugar so it won’t change the taste of the tea.

Abby says: Organic Royal Golden Yunnan  (photo above) has a lovely nutty flavor with just a touch of smokiness. It was interesting and easy to drink. Again, a lighter version of what I typically find with this type of tea. With a larger sample to steep, I think it has the possibility of being very flavorful.

Katie says: I’ve had Golden Yunnan before and very much like the flavor. The other brand I tried was a strong black tea and I enjoyed it with cream & sugar. This was a milder version. There was still a black tea taste, but mild enough that even a lover of sugar & cream may want to enjoy this cup of tea black.

Abby says: Sencha Fancy  (photo above). For a sencha, I found this tea to be a bit light, but I could easily still pull out the classic sencha qualities. It has a bit of sweetness, like citrus, with a wonderful earthiness reminiscent of grass and spring time – or maybe that is just me hoping for am improvement in our weather.  

Katie says: This is s sweet mild green tea. I started with a hot cup with a little honey. I had a half a cup left and it had cooled. Some tea just won’t work for me cold. However, this mild tasting green was just as nice cold as warm. It would make a nice summer iced tea too!


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