Hard Cider with Chai Spices

Cider and Donuts

Last Friday was The Harvest at Novare Res Bier Cafe in Portland, Maine. I look forward to this event every year because it showcases the best offerings in autumn beers, and hard ciders.  Also, as you can see they have donuts at The Harvest as well. So awesome! This year’s Harvest was particularly amazing because I was able to try hard cider with chai spices! What a great idea! It was great because you could easily taste both the cider and the warm chai spices, yet it was still easy to drink. The sweetness and spiciness blended perfectly. Is there anything that isn’t made better with chai?


The donuts weren’t bad either!  They had potato donuts from The Holy Donut, also in Portland, Maine.  Some of their flavors are tasty chai, dark chocolate sea salt and sweet potato ginger (my favorite). The perfect pairing.


One response to “Hard Cider with Chai Spices

  1. You could do some reviewing, Abby. Give the pros and cons (if there WERE any!) and expand your take. Nice tone. Write something for one of the local mags or papers…just sayin’!

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