Maine Mead Works Ram Island Iced Tea

Ram Island Mead

The other day I was lucky enough to stumble upon one of the newer (to me, at least) creations from Maine Mead Works. MMW is a Portland, Maine mead maker established in 2007.  Since then they have been consistently producing high quality mead.  Last year they had a tea mead as well, but it was not bottled as far as I know. But this summer it is a different story! They now have bottled Ram Island iced tea mead!  This is an excellent light and fun alternative to beer for tea lovers! It taste like tea.  It tastes a little like mead.  It has mint and it has honey.  What more could you want? I first sampled it at Novare Res where they offered it on there ever-changing and always impressive draught list. I liked it a lot, though I found it a bit minty for my taste.

Ram Island Mead 2

Sorry the picture quality is not great on these photos.  I was in a bar – what do you expect? 🙂

Anyway, if you find yourself in the Portland area this summer keep a look out for this beauty on draught lists or at the Maine Mead Works sampling room.


2 responses to “Maine Mead Works Ram Island Iced Tea

  1. Wonder if it can be purchased anywhere? Sounds terrific!
    Thanks, Ab. Goo review!

    • Hey Linda! Thanks! I know that it can be purchased in bottles around town. For example the Bier Celler ( on Forest Ave. has it. The MMW tasting room also has it for purchase and sampling.

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