Tiramisu with Tea?

Photo: Homemade tiramisu by my husband

Typically tiramisu is made from some kind of coffee, but what if we switched it up and made it with tea?! Using tea would give it an entirely different flavor, so it should probably have a new name, right?  Any ideas? Have any of you tried this before? Or, have you subbed tea for coffee in any other recipes?

After a quick online search I found this recipe for Match Green Tea Tiramisu which sounds interesting, but I was thinking more along the lines of a strong black tea substitute. Then, I found this recipe for Tea Tiramisu from Juls’ Kitchen.  This is more like what I am picturing.  Surely there are others out there as well.  I guess I wont really know how well it translates until I try it myself.  Stay tuned in for updates on my tiramisu tea experiments!


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