Green Tea Shortbread Cookies

… just in time for Mother’s Day!  Remember folks, it’s coming up THIS Sunday.  I’m sure you have planned something super great for the wonderful moms in your life, but how about adding one more little thing?  These unique and delicious shortbread cookies:

Cooked Cookies

The recipe comes from Martha Stewart (of course) and can be found here.  While making these cookies we did not video ourselves, but you can check out a video of Martha and chef Ellen Greaves making them.  I assure you that in our kitchen we looked equally as gracefully and tidy as these talented bakers look.  Promise.

Tea two

First you will need tea!  Green tea powder to be exact.  This powered is easy to work with and makes these cookies a super cute great color!  Obviously, I didn’t have this at home (when do I ever have all the ingredients for a recipe? Never, that’s when.) So, I improvised.  I used Good Earth’s Super Green tea.  This does have some matcha (a type of green tea powder) in it, so I get points there.  It also has citrus, so I should get points for creativity there too!

GTSB Batter

Then you mix together all the other stuff you need.  Yum!


Then you do a bunch of other stuff, like chill the dough, cut the dough and roll it out.  All found in Martha’s recipe.  She is much better at describing this sort of thing.  THEN! Then you cut them into your (or your mother’s) favorite shapes.  I like cats, so I made them all cats! Too cute! Then you bake them, let them cool and eat them.  Or package them up and give them to you ever deserving mother. Happy Mother’s Day!


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