Snowed In? Time for Tea!

Katie's Tire SwingFirst you see it, now you don’t!  This before and after shot shows Katie’s tire swing disappearing under the blanket of 24+ inches of snow that has fallen SO FAR in Mass.

Plum looking out window

In Maine yesterday we hunkered down and watched the snow come down. Some of us drank tea, of course.


This morning we woke up to some serious and beautiful snow drifts thanks to the fierce winds.

Across the Street

Believe it or not there is a road there somewhere.  I’m sure the plows will around to sometime soon. If you have been snowed in like us, we say “stay home, drink tea, eat sometime good and enjoy the view.”



2 responses to “Snowed In? Time for Tea!

  1. wow, thats a lot of snow lol we never get that much. we are lucky to get 3 inches

  2. A nice cup of tea is just what you need in that weather, that’s a heck of a lot of snow.

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