Blizzard preparation, make tea! (or coffee)


Dear friends, Are you really prepared for Blizzard Nemo? Abby is in the 18″+ inch zone and I’m in the 24″+ area. Oh my! I’ve seen a lot of preparedness posts on social media, so I thought I’d add one of my own. Don’t forget to make TEA! (or coffee, if that’s your thing)  Heat up the kettle now or start our cold-brew method.

You’ll likely enjoy some pre-made tea in the fridge should the power go out. Unless you have a gas stove. I’m wishing I had a gas stove about now! Just remember: to keep your food fresh and cold in a power outage try to limit the number of times you open the fridge door.

It is also a good day for baking/cooking. Looking for a good recipe? Try Abby’s lemon tea squares. YUM! Most of all, stay safe & warm!


One response to “Blizzard preparation, make tea! (or coffee)

  1. Well, Abby is now in the 28″+ zone! Good luck everyone. Stay in, stay warm!

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