Stonewall Kitchen Crepes and Tea

Dry Cranberry Tea

Yeah, yeah this blog is about tea, but who can talk about tea ALL the time?  A girl’s gotta eat too, right?  But, I still need tea too!  So what you have here is a post about pairing tea with food. Very informal.  I know what I like and try to pair things that I like that I think will go well together. Done. Easy peasy!


It all started with some beautiful cranberry herbal tea.  I made that then realized I needed a little something to go along with it as well. And what goes better with tea than my other favorite thing, crepes?!


Luckily for me I happened to have a stash of Stonewall Kitchen Traditional Crepe Mix! Yum! And so easy, thank goodness.  I also had a can of pears  on hand as well as some brown sugar and cinnamon.  Just for fun I put some bacon in the oven too!  It made my house smell like bacon heaven.

By the way, the image on the container above was taken by the one and only Katie!  Pretty cool, eh?


So I got to work.  For the crepe mix, the only additional items you need are two eggs and a cup of water. Check. Check! It took no time at all to get everything ready to go.  First I dumped the pears into a pot with about half the water in the can, and some brown sugar and a pinch of cinnamon (very specific measurements). Then I mixed everything together for the crepes.  By that time I was about done with my first cup of tea!  Time for another.


About 15 minutes later everything was ready! It all went together perfectly!  The tartness of the tea was  matched and balanced by the sweet pear filling and the salty bacon.  So tasty and satisfying!  Do you have any tea and food pairings that you love?  Let us know! Katie and I will give it a go and you might find a post about it.

Cranberry Tea Blue Teacup


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