Review: Tazo Awake

Overall Rating:

Taste: 4.75 of 5 leaves: Quite a good cuppa!
Steepability: 5 of 5 — this tea is easy to make!

Abby says:

Temperature: @212 (boiling point)
Steeped: 3-4 minutes, then left in mug for the second steep
Served: Nothing added

Tazo Awake is a wonderfully strong black tea with full flavor and no bitterness. As you can guess by the name, Awake is what it promises and and awake you will be after just one cup. Not only does the caffeine work its magic to get you going, the complexity of flavor keeps it interesting. Mixed with the intense black tea taste is a bit of malty cocoa flavor that adds richness. Though I’m not much of a coffee drinker, the robust nature of this tea give me that sense.

Katie has been telling me about this tea for awhile now and I am happy to have finally tried it. Awake will clearly be a go-to for me from here on out! If you are looking for a strong, tasty tea – give this one a try.

Taste: 4.5 of 5 leaves: Quite a good cuppa!
Steepability: 5 of 5 — this tea is easy to make!


Katie says:

Temperature: @212 (boiling point)
Steeped: 3 (med) – 5 (strong) minutes
Served: Milk & honey

This is one of my favorite morning teas. Awake is a strong and flavorful black tea. Steep 3 minutes if you like a medium strength tea and 5 if you like it strong. Some days require stronger tea! The best thing about this tea is this that it can be made quite strong without getting bitter. I like a good strong tea so that it can stand up to a good amount of cream & sugar. See the photo above for how much half & half I like in this tea. I know, have a little tea with my cream, right? It’s like my Grammie says, a tea is good when it’s “strong enough to float a horseshoe.”

This rich and flavorful tea certainly passes the horseshoe test! Because it is strong it also makes a great tea to brew in the summer and then pour over ice with lemon. This is an Indian Assam style tea. I find Assam to have particularly nice flavor and this one has a rich and malty taste. I don’t drink morning coffee but this is my tea of choice for a morning pick-me-up.

Taste: 5 of 5 leaves: Outstanding, a must try!
Steepability: 5 of 5 — this tea is easy to make!


2 responses to “Review: Tazo Awake

  1. Now this one I really have to try. Not only does this sound delicious, but I need the morning kick! Thanks for a tempting review!

  2. One of my favorites for strong black tea which is the one tea that always makes me happy. Must be the Brit in me! I also love Tetley’s British Blend which are the larger sized sachets and hold much more tea leaf that the average tea bag. If you enjoy a true strong black tea flavor, that would be my pick.

    Enjoy the day, tea drinkers

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