One more chance to vote today: tapioca or lycee?

How will you vote? Tapioca or lycee? I’m talking about delicious bubble tea of course. Comment to cast your vote!

Tapioca Pearl

A vote for tapioca pearl bubble tea means you love chewy caramel bubbles in your tea. Here they are shown in sweetened black milk bubble tea.  Tapioca pearls with their sweet caramel flavor have an almost coffee-like richness. Yum! This particular tea is from the espresso cart at my office, but you can also get tasty tapioca bubble tea at Tealuxe.


Lycee Fruit

A vote for lycee fruit means you love a lightly sweetened fresh taste. Here the lycee jelly is in a light caffiene-free honey lycee tea. (It’s hard to see because it is translucent like ice.)  Lycee “bubbles” have a clean and fresh taste just like you’d expect from peices of fresh fruit in your tea. Perfect for a hot day, like the day I tried this at the Thirstea booth at Smorgasburg in Williamsburg.


Please comment to cast your vote!


One response to “One more chance to vote today: tapioca or lycee?

  1. Eww, Sorry but I dislike both – too sweet for me!

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