Review: Marks & Spencer Everyday Tea


Overall Rating:

Taste: 5 of 5 leaves – Outstanding! A MUST try.
Steepability: 5 of 5 leaves – This tea is easy to make!

Abby says:

Temperature: @ 210 (around boiling)
Steeped: Left teabag in mug
Served: Nothing added

Before trying this for the first time, I had absolutely no expectations about it, which is rare. Usually the name alone will give you an idea of what to expect on your first sip. Or, the images and description on the packaging or even previously developed opinions about the tea maker will put thoughts in your mind, whether or not you think so. In this case however, I only had a few tea bags in a Ziploc to go on. I didn’t know what type of tea this was. I had no idea who made it and I certainly didn’t know how it should best be prepared. And that was fun! My first clue was how the tea smelled …from inside the Ziploc. It was sitting on my desk as I was getting the last of some paperwork done before heading off to boil water. I noticed after a few minutes of type, type, typing a lovely scent in the air. Light, but there. It smelled a bit nutty with a little sweetness … like black tea! (Maybe?) Then when I dropped the tea bag into the water I immediately saw the tea turn reddish brown (black tea!) The aroma was much stronger now and very nice, just like black tea. Question one was solved. I was trying some great smelling black tea. It didn’t smell overly strong right off so I just left the tea bag in my mug while I drank it. (This is what I would recommend, by the way.) The other details would come later; it was time to just enjoy the tea.

As a blog team Katie and I are always swapping tea to try for review. This was one she happened to have on hand at one of our last get-togethers so she bagged it up and handed it over. Though there wasn’t time to write down what it was and who made it. We would get into all that later.

I actually really enjoyed this tea. I’m not sure how much of the detective work that I put in played into my fun with it, but I liked drinking it. It was a nutty, malty, easy to drink tea with a slight sweetness. Even with leaving the tea bag in the cup there was no bitterness which is great for those days when you have no time to worry about tea, you just need to drink it!

Taste: 5 of 5 leaves – Outstanding! A MUST try.
Steepability: 5 of 5 leaves – This tea is easy to make!


Katie says:

Temperature: @ 210 (around boiling)
Steeped: Left teabag in mug
Served: Milk and a bit of sugar

Oh, the Brits really do know how to make tea. For those of you who might not know, Marks & Spencer is a British department store. While this tea was a mystery to Abby, I purchased it at the British import store in Freeport, ME. This is the “Everyday” Tea. Click the link, luckily you CAN order it in the US. It is a medium strength tea. I have to say I just loved reading Abby’s review of this one. How fun to make her guess! I just might have to give her mystery tea more often.

I think this tea lives up to its name and is in fact perfect for everyday use. This is the quintessential black tea. Often I find black tea in bag form to be a bit week. This tea, however, lives up to my expectations. It is nice, rich, & flavorful without being too strong. I’m going to cross my fingers that my favorite British import store up in Maine continues to carry it! Or, I do have a friend who has been traveling to London on business…I might have to beg that he get me some more! 😉 This tea is certainly worth the trouble of bribing a friend to bring back or paying the extra shipping. It is also quite nice as a iced tea. Try our refrigerator tea idea! Also, one if the nice things about this tea is its beautiful rich color. Look what a lovely color it remains even with milk. (Don’t mind the desk clutter in the background)

Taste: 5 of 5 leaves – Outstanding! A MUST try.
Steepability: 5 of 5 leaves – This tea is easy to make!



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