Wine & Tea


What do wine & tea have in common? Obviously if you read the blog you know that Abby & I love tea. However, we both also love wine.  I was in the finger lakes tasting wine when I came across this description at the White Springs Winery.

I immediately whipped out my iphone to text abby the above photo. The friends I was with thought the tea description was interesting, but I knew to get someone as enthused as I was I needed to message Abby. She did not disappoint and agreed that the description was really cool.

I ‘ve thought before that tasting tea was a bit like tasting wine. Just like wine tea can take on many flavors. The difference is that the tea often has elements of the flavors incorporated as ingredients while wine can take on, for example, a citrus flavor without having any citrus in the wine itself.


Tasting all of the flavors in wine is good training for the palate but I don’t like to take it too seriously. Instead of approaching wine as a study, I treat it more like a game to see if I can taste the same flavors that the tasting notes describe. Do you taste the same notes & flavors that we describe in our reviews?

I’ve added a few more photos from wine tasting. Do let Abby & I know if you ever come across tea as a flavor description. Happy tasting!











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