Maine Mead Works Tea Mead

Photo Credit: Christopher Sedenka

While visiting Maine Mead Works in Portland, Maine with an intent to try their HONEYMAKER Strawberry Mead I heard rumblings about a sparkling iced-tea mead made with black tea and a bit of lemon!  Amazing, I know.

This wonderful sounding iced tea mead was mentioned a couple of times throughout the meadery tour.  Every time I got more and more excited to try it.  Then I heard the news that it wasn’t for sale.  So sad.  But then the very nice man giving the tour mentioned that it was on draught at several local spots.  So happy.  Then he told us we could sample some at the end of the tour! So, SO, happy!

Maine Mead Works was asked to provide this sparkling tea mead for an upcoming Mumford and Sons show on the Eastern Prom in Portland.  They haven’t had the time to try to bottle this stuff for sale, but if they ever do – I will be the first in line!  If you find yourself in the Portland area this summer I would highly recommend hitting up the meadery or one of the local spots with it on draught like Silly’s and Novare Res.


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