Review: Sweet Leaf Half & Half Lemonade Tea

Overall Rating:

Taste: 4 of 5 tea leaves
Steepability: This tea is bottled!

Abby says:

Temperature: Cold
Served: Over ice, in a glass

Now that summer is unofficially here, Katie and I are excited to review some iced teas!  We both continue to regularly drink hot tea, but surprise, surprise, we both love iced tea too!  This week we reviewed Sweet Leaf Half & Half Lemonade Tea.  I like Sweet Leaf because they don’t use an artificial ingedients in their bottled teas and are USDA certified organic.

Okay, so most of you probably already know that I am typically not a fan of tea that is sweet.  In fact, I usually drink my tea with nothing added.  However, that goes out the window somewhat when it comes to iced tea.  When it comes to the cold stuff I like both sweet and unsweetened varities.  This tea is definately sweet!  In fact one 16oz. bottle (two servings) contains 48g of sugar. That is sweet!  But this IS Half & Half we are talking about here.  To me it tastes good and really reminds me of summer!  The balance of tea and lemonade is just right.  I found it refreshing, tasty and easy to drink – maybe too easy to drink! 🙂

Taste: 3.5 of 5 tea leaves – A decent tasty tea.
Steepability: This tea is bottled!

Katie says:

Temperature: Cold
Served: Over ice, in a glass

Abby & I realize that although we drink hot tea year round, all day long in-fact; that’s certainly not the case in for many of you. As we welcome June we thought it was certainly time for some iced tea reviews.

From the name of this tea, sweet leaf, you know it’s going to be sweet. Abby doesn’t love sweetened teas. I am an admitted sugar addict. What I don’t like is the fake sugar “sweetener” taste. I’ve had sweetened iced teas in the past that have been ok, but I find to good ones to be few & far between…with many being sickeningly sweet. This tea uses real organic cane sugar. While it is sweet, I’d say pleasantly so.

I’m always looking for a hint of sweet after lunch like a small bite of candy. This tea is a nice change to fill that sweet craving. I love that the makers of this tea, Clayton & David, say “Clayton’s grannie ‘Mimi’ taught us never to use ingredients that you can’t pronounce.” I like that policy when it comes my food!

Overall I find this to be a very good bottled iced tea. No strange ingredients, plenty of tea flavor (the lemon doesn’t take over), and quite sweet but no where near the sickeningly sweet taste of some iced teas. (The sweetened diet kind are my least favorite!) If you prefer less sweet in your iced tea you may want to opt for a lower sugar or unsweetened tea.  If you like sweet tea give Sweet Leaf a try, it’s a good one! And…check out their website, it’s quite spiffy!

Taste: 4.5 of 5 tea leaves – Quite a good cuppa!
Steepability: This tea is bottled!


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