Adventures in Baking: Lemon-Earl Grey Squares

My husband loves to bake and is kind enough to tackle any recipe I throw at him.  So when we got our latest issue of Cooking Light in the mail I wasted no time in asking him to whip up this tasty looking summer treat for me.  I mean, it has tea in it, how could he refuse.  In this recipe he used Twinings Earl Grey loose tea, even though it called for tea bags.

These little beauties are similar to traditional lemon squares, but with the added element of Earl Grey tea to pump up the sophistication and flavor!  These squares are no one-trick ponies – they’re sweet and lemony, but also have a savory side thanks to the tea.  They are so good.  I ate two before I even realized I had finished one, they are just THAT good.

If you are looking to impress at the cookout this weekend, or the bridal shower, or the grad party, or the whatever check out the recipe here and try it out for yourself.  Total time is about 2 hours, but actual hands-on time is only 25 minutes. Easy. Did I mention I didn’t bake these and my husband did all the work? 🙂

Just look at those big flecks of tea!  This summer, remember that tea isn’t just served hot or even in a cup.  There are so many different ways to enjoy tea when the weather warms up!  Do you have a favorite tea-in-food recipe?  If you share it with us, we might make it and then we will give you props for sharing!


3 responses to “Adventures in Baking: Lemon-Earl Grey Squares

  1. I love this recipe!! Very unique, and it looks deliciously refreshing!

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