New Look & New Favorite Tea Mug and Infuser

Take a look over to the right of our blog. Did you notice that we’ve added three new things?

1) Gadget of the moment (my new favorite mug/infuser)

I like tea gadgets. Making tea at home is great, but being able to make good tea on the go is also a must. At work I can be seen carrying around a mug of tea. Everywhere. My previous favorite mug/infuser had a little basket for the tea. I like this one even better because the entire top part of this mug can be filled with tea. (While It’s still awesome I found the basket in the other infuser a little small for some teas) This infuser is fantastic for teas that can be steeped several times like some green teas. With each use the steeping time is extended but why not get everyting I can out of my tea? Also while the top tea portion is plastic, I love that the majority of this mug/infuser is made of glass.

P.S. Don’t worry. I’ll let Abby get a word in and share her favorite tea gadgets too. Get this one HERE.

2) Recently reviewed top teas

4.75 – Atlantic Spice Co. White Tea

5 – Tea Forte Ginger Lemmongrass

5 – Harney & Sons Green with Thai Flavors

5 – Stash Triple Ginseng

This section will be a top 5 list and will contain the most recently reviewed 5 teas that we gave a combined rating of 4.75 or higher.  Do you like the idea of a top tea list? Would you like to see any other quick lists along the right of our blog?

3) Tea tasting gratitude.

Sometimes companies send us their teas to sample. We think this is awesome and want to include an extra thank you. You’ll now find some tea tasting gratitude where we’ll show you who we want to thank for sending us samples of tea. Thank you Deckan!


One response to “New Look & New Favorite Tea Mug and Infuser

  1. Liz suczynski

    Even though we are coming on summer(finally) in Maine, we all like a good cup of tea, right??? Thanks for the recommendations, and a good tea gadget can’t miss. Xo delecTEAble

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