Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Hope you are all gearing up for some green festivities on Saturday!  I know that Katie and I are!  Do your plans include green pancakes? Green beer? Green TEA?  I’m imagining that you said “yes” to all of the those things!  To help us all get prepared for jolly holiday I have put together a list (not comprehensive, whatsoever) of teas to try for St. Patrick’s day!  Let the fun begin …

First we have one of my favorite (what else, right?) Irish Breakfast teas… Harney & Sons Irish Breakfast.  Described: “100% Assam, like most traditional Irish blends, this is a good way to start your morning. Like cereal, it takes milk and sugar well. In contrast to other vendors, ours is a little more refined.” This tea is flavorful, comforting and familiar.  It also comes in the coolest tea tin – with a clover on it no less!  Love!

The next one is a popular favorite: Twinings Irish Breakfast.  This one is a little more traditional in terms of taste and is always a go-to when celebrating St. Patrick’s day!  With bold flavor and caffeine it is sure to get you going and ready for the party!

This one I haven’t tried, but I am surely looking forward to it.  Described: “Deep, Dark, Delightful. A traditional blend of Assam (India) and high-grown Ceylon (Sri Lanka) leaves. This hearty brew has a malty character, brisk finish and a rich color. Sure to lift the fog of a cloudy mind. Enjoy with a splash of milk for a cup that satisfies well beyond breakfast”, The Republic of Tea Lucky Irish Breakfast sounds great!  Have any of you tried it?  If so, what do you think?

If you are not into Irish breakfast tea, but still want to celebrate St. Patrick’s day with a little tea, how about a GREEN?  Anything green will work, right?  How about Tazo Zen?  It tastes great and comes in a green packet!  We have reviewed this tea already, so check it out here.

Happy St. Patrick’s day everyone! Be sure to check back and let us know how you indulged your inner leprechaun with tea.


3 responses to “Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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