Starbucks tea latte & cake pop

I love a good tea latte from Starbucks!

1) It’s delicious
2) I can now order a fancy complicated drink just like all of the coffee drinkers


Where besides a coffee shop can you place a ridiculously picky & overly complicated order and still receive an answering smile? Moving on from my enjoyment of self-indulgent beverage-ordering…. You might wonder, what exactly is a tea latte? Well tea loving friends, this is tazo tea (real leaves not some kind of syrup or powder) with foam and sugar. It tastes just like tea with milk and sugar but looks and sounds fancier. I’ve tried roobios (red), chai, and earl grey tea as tea lattes. All are delicious. It is worth mentioning that if you order a tea latte they will automatically sweeten it, and the regular amount is quite sweet. If you don’t like as much sugar ask them to add less, or a packet of honey. See, it is fun to be a picky drink orderer isn’t it?


What goes well with a tea latte? Those adorable little cake pops of course! The other night my friend Inga & I were looking to keep chatting after dinner so we found ourselves at Starbucks. Although we were too stuffed for dessert at the restaurant these little treats seemed to be just the right size. Inside they are just cake, not the cake & frosting mixture you find inside most homemade cake pops. The cake inside is actually really moist though so you don’t miss the mixed in frosting.


And for those wondering how fattening all of this is, here are the nutrition facts:

Tall Vanilla Rooibos tea latte with whole milk, 170 calories, 6g fat.
Birthday cake mini doughnut (I assume this is close to the pop and all I could find on the website) 130 calories, 6g fat.


2 responses to “Starbucks tea latte & cake pop

  1. Yum, Katie! I’ll have to try the tea latte!

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