The Tea Enthusiast’s Handbook

And now for a different kind of review!  A book review! 🙂

When Katie and I started this blog I was inspired to learn even more about tea.  I ordered The Tea Enthusiast’s Handbook  by Mary Lou Heiss and Robert J. Heiss from Amazon and got reading…

I really like how this book is organized not only by the classes of tea, but also purchasing, steeping and tea storage.  It provides a lot of information about the different types of tea, such as where the leaves are grown, how and when the leaves are harvested, characteristics of the taste once steeped, as well as how best to enjoy each type of tea.  For each tea class it then goes on to list many of the varieties found in that group.

The book is just full of maps, tables and pictures of the tea leaves and steeps cups.  Who doesn’t like pictures?!  This book provides lots of good and helpful information, yet isn’t bogged down with too many details.  No heavy reading here.  As a tea enthusiast I actually read this book, pretty much, from cover to cover.  Though I think for most it might make a better reference book.  Whether you read it from cover to cover or just use it now and then to beef up on your tea knowledge this book is a great resource.


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