Wenham Tea House

UPDATE: We’re sad to learn that even though I was just there a few weeks ago, the Wenham Tea House is now closed. If I hear any more info about it I’ll be sure to let you readers know!


This is the Wenham tea house, in (where else?) Wenham, MA. Cute, isn’t it?


Wenham is a classic New England town just about 35 minutes north of Boston. Nearby you can find some local farms, great farmer’s markets, antique stores, and my favorite place to score antique tea cups: Todd’s farm flea market.

Inside you’ll find a bakery, tea shop, and the tea rooms. To be safe make a reservation because they book up quickly, especially for lunch!


I visited the weekend before Christmas with my friend, and fellow tea-lover, Lauren. In typical tea room fashion, we were seated at a cozy table and brought flowery tea cups for the pot of tea that we opted to share. There was plenty of honey, sugar, sweetener, lemon, milk & cream to choose from. You’ve got to love the cute little honey pot!


We selected a black Assam loose team tea. It was delicious, but WOW was it strong! The style there is to let the tea steep loose in the pot and have a strainer for each tea cup. If you have this tea just beware of the last 2 cups! (we got about 6 out of the pot)


For lunch we both had a biscuit, butternut squash soup, tea sandwiches, scone, and of course several mini desserts! It was actually a lot of food and I ended up taking the scone & some dessert home.


I strongly recommend giving this place a try if you’re in the area. It was a fun afternoon!

NOTE: This post was composed entirely via iPhone. Please support this experiment and forgive me any formatting errors . Thanks! 🙂


2 responses to “Wenham Tea House

  1. Sweet, Katie! A nice little visit on a cold Saturday evening. Thanks!
    I’m going to go make a cup of tea!

  2. THe Wenham Tea House is back open and now under new management. Please come down and check us out again!

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