Tea gifts for the holidays

It’s that gift-giving time of the year. Is your holiday shopping done yet? Mine is not. Typically I have more gifts checked off the list by now, but this year…no such luck! So, if you’re like me and find yourself in desperate need of some last minute online gift shopping here are some ideas for tea-lovers.

Tea insfuser from Tovolo

First on my wish list is this cool tea insfuser from tovolo. Do you like brightly-colored kitchen accessories? Then you may already own some tovolo items. I just realized that they are the company behind my favorite ice tray! (That is a great product too but I’ll save my rave review for iced-tea season) So yes, back to this tea infuser. This is a item that I don’t actually own but I’ve seen it in several of the gourmet kitchen-ware catalogs I receive. What I like about it above all is the design. It just LOOKS cool. As a visual person I’m all about the visual appeal of products…I’m a sucker for great design & packaging. However, aside from just looking cool it has good-sized (not too big or small) openings for infusing and a little stand to catch the drips! Infusers with a handle are my favorite because you can use them to stir your tea just like a spoon. Perfect for adding a touch of milk or honey to your cuppa.

Blue Willow infuser teapot

A new teapot is something that thrills any tea enthusiast. I chose blue willow for this gift list because it’s cute but somewhat traditional. It also has the convenience of the built-in-infuser. If you’ve seen some of my other posts you know that I’ve been into collecting vintage tea cups. Blue Willow is simple yet collectible in it’s own slighty-kitchy way.

Oxo Drying Mat

What does this have to do with tea? Well for me tea is an experience. I like my tea in the morning out of my to-go mug but I most enjoy when I am able to make a pot of tea to enjoy with a friend. Or, when I take a huge mug of tea, in one of my hand-made ceramic mugs, onto my porch on a summer morning. Vintage tea cups, teapots, and hand-made ceramic mugs are not dishwasher friendly. However, most of my cups & plates go directly in the dishwasher so I don’t want to leave a huge drying rack on my counter top. This would be the perfect solution. (Far better than my soggy dish towel) I also like the idea of the tea cups sitting flat on the drying rack not balanced percariously on an angled rack. This type of drying mat is also fantastic for wine glasses so mine would surely be doing double-duty.

Numi Flowering Tea Gift

I love flowering tea. Jasmine pearls are my favorite because though they’re still small in their steeped “bloomed” state they have a simply delicious and unique flavor. Pair blooming tea with a glass teapot or Glass teacup like the one below and you have a great tea-themed gift!

And…I have to mentioned my favorite tea accessory. While I love the ceremonial quality of tea, lets face it, sometimes I just need it NOW and to-go!

Anyone who has been reading the blog is probably tired of hearing about my Aladdin infuser mug…but this is an all-time favorite of mine! Aladdin should really start paying me for all of this promotion! 😉 See this and more of our favorite things on the “favorite things” tab of the blog.

Attention fellow online shoppers! Keep in mind that this Thursday the 15th is the last day to take advantage of Amazon’s free shipping! See the full holiday shipping schedule for Amazon here and be sure to read the policies of all websites you order from carefully!


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