Endless Chinese Tea

Chinese tea set

How much do you love the never-ending Chinese tea provided at Chinese food restaurants? A lot, right?  Yeah, that is because its awesome!  It is thought that tea was  first created by Chinese Emperor Shennog when a tea leaf drifted into the pot of water he was boiling – and the rest is history! The steaming hot tea is one of my favorite things about dining at Chinese food restaurants.  The other things I love are the dumplings, but that’s another topic for another time.

But, wait… there are more uses for tea than just drinking it!  Over at My So Called Cooking there is a unique use for Chinese black tea (green tea is thought to be too bitter).  They are tea eggs!  Head over there to check it out.  Tea eggs are commonly sold by street venders in Hong Kong and other regions of China.

Do you have any unique or different uses for tea?  Share your thoughts with us!  We are always interested in learning new things and it is always cool to learn more about the cultural differences of tea lovers!


One response to “Endless Chinese Tea

  1. I love Chinese tea (not because I am Chinese… of course), dumplings and tea eggs!!!

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