Tea for Thanksgiving

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! I have to say, as someone with a major sweet tooth, I mostly look forward to all of the desserts. I always try a skinny slice of each of the many pies with a big cup of tea! Our friends at Whittard also suggest drinking tea to relieve holiday stress. What a great idea!

“Take five minutes to push other things aside and sit down with a hot cup of British tea. The British style 3.1 gram teabags have 50% more tea than the US style string and tag 2.1 gram teabags. The teabags are larger and so the tea has more room to brew, resulting in a tastier cup! Instead of allowing food prep and stress to define Thanksgiving, put the kettle on! In the amount of time it takes to drink a cup of tea, we can find many reasons to be thankful.”

Here are some teas to try for de-stressing during the holidays:

– Peppermint tea
Try peppermint tea by Whittard or my favorite Mint Melange tea from Trader Joes. Some mint teas can be strong and almost medicinal. What I like about the Mint Melange is that it is a smooth-tasting  calming blend of mint teas.

– Rooibos

Try red teas by Whittard or the Stash Red Chai that we just reviewed! Click over to that post here to read our review of it.

Keep in mind when choosing a tea for relaxing avoid anything caffeinated and instead choose a decaffeinated or herbal tea. What is your favorite type of tea for de-stressing?


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