The Tea Bag, A Hero!?

Check out this site, Hidden Heroes, that I stumbled across the other day … its cool, I promise.  If you are like me and like learning little tid bits here and there, it will be worth it.  Ok, so now you are asking, what’s this got to do with a tea bag, huh?  Well, on this interactive site the folks from Vitra Design Museumare honoring some hidden heroes, the humble tea bag included (see Forward Museum Tab for more info about what “Hidden Hero” specifically means).

Here is the scoop … click this link and hover over the colorful little bars.  An item will pop-up and you can select whether or not you want to know more about it. How’s that for interactive!  Then, enter the site and it will take you through all of the items you selected and why each is a Hidden Hero.  I’ll admit it, I spend quite a little while checking all this out and of course LOVED that they included the tea bag. Of course, this little guy made tea so more accessible and portable that it really opened up a new world for tea drinkers… and it came about by accident!  So cool.

Make sure to check out the Overview, Discovering the Hero, the Gallery and the Visitor Contributions.

This exhibit is not just online, you can check it out in person.  The Hidden Heros: The Genious of Everyday Thigns is on tour in London through November 9th, if you so choose to visit.  Sadly, that wont be in the cards for me, but it will move to the MIT Museum in Cambridge, MA from September through December 2012! I hope you find this as fun as I did.  In fact, I think I’ll check back to see if I missed anything the last time around.

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