Real Simple Spouting About Tea

Ok, here comes another post about a magazine article.  I know what you are thinking, but give it a chance!  This one comes from Real Simple, a magazine filled with all kinds of interesting information and ways to simplify…hence the title.  Titled The Decoder: Tea and written by Amanda Pressner, the article lays out the wonderful health benefits of six types of tea.  How great is that!  Gotta love spreading the word about the goodness of tea!

Here is a basic breakdown of the article (four of the six tea types outlined):

Black tea: Most caffeinated tea at @ 40 milligrams per serving.  Health benefits – high in antioxidant compounds called theaflavins and thearubigins (linked to lower cholesterol levels) and three or more cups a day may lower risk of stroke by 21%.

Green tea: Lower levels of caffeine at @ 25 milligrams per serving.  Health benefits – tons of antioxidants and one cup of green tea a day may lower cardiovascular disease by 10%.

Oolong tea: Moderate caffeine at @ 30 milligrams per serving.  Health benefits – may aid in weight loss by helping to burn more calories.

White tea: Lower levels of caffeine at @ 15 milligrams per serving.  Health benefits – may benefit those with diabetes (a study showed improved glucose tolerance and reduction in LDL cholesterol for animals given white tea) and potential cancer-fighting and cardiovascular benefits as well.

Of course there is so much more to learn about the health benefits of tea, but I loved seeing this when I opened up my November issue of Real Simple!  Because I love tea, and I want everyone to know all about it and how great it is!  This is such a great educator and I hope it prompts people to learn more about what tea can do for them.  For more info check out the November issue!


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