Todd’s Farm & Teacups

If you’ve been reading our blog you know that I’ve been on the search for vintage teacups. Recently I wrote a post with some to tea cups for sale on various websites including ebay. I almost bought some but as I contemplated the shipping charges I decided to look locally first. Have you heard of Todd’s Farm? It is pictured below.

Located in Rowely, MA; Todd’s is a funny place. It is full of great stuff and also total junk.  Open Sundays from April 3rd – November 27th, 2011 from 5 AM – 3 PM, this place is quirky enough to make it worth the visit just for the experience. Boston area prop stylists have been known to shop there. I first went to look for props for food photography. This time, I was on a mission, a tea cup mission.As you can see I found some — six to be exact! (shown above) I was not looking for priceless antiques instead I was looking to add to my simple collection of cups that aren’t too precious to be used. I paid between $1 and $6 for each cup and usually bargained to save a few bucks.

This little blue cup is by far my favorite. I just love all of the detail. Admittedly I don’t know much about what I’m looking for — I’m far from an antique china expert. However, one thing to look for is “bone china” and where it was made on the bottom of each cup.

If you’d like to find out more about bone china here are some links:

Wish me luck on my collection!


2 responses to “Todd’s Farm & Teacups

  1. You got some great teacups! I’m jealous. Looks like a trip to Todd’s is in order. Thanks for the tip!

  2. I love the blue tea cup as well. It is kinda fun, because the shape of the tea cup look nothing like the Chinese’s ones, but it has Chinese patterns on it. Great find guys!

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