Tea for Fall

Every year as the first signs of fall emerge I will say the words “This is my favorite time of year”, never fail.  However, I’m  not yet convinced that this is true – saying goodbye to our short, fleeting summer is never something I look forward to doing. There is just something about fall and there is no debating that there are some truly wonderful things about the this season.  Pumpkins for one, are awesome!  As are the crisp sunny days for apple picking, hoodies and tailgating for football games!

For me, the fall is a time for getting cozy and comfortable for the impending long, long winter.  To help make this wonderful time even more enjoyable I have complied a short list of my favorite teas for the season, as well as some that I have yet to try.

Stash Premium Decaf Vanilla Nut Creme

This one is so great for fall because it has a touch of sweetness on its own and just pairs so well with many of my favorite fall treats (apple pie and pumpkin bread for example)! Because there is no caffeine it can be sipped any time of day without worry.

Bigelow Pumpkin Spice

This is a new on for me this year, but I can already tell that it will become a staple!  Again, I like it because it has a typical fall aroma – smelling much like pumpkin pie.  A friend suggested adding a touch of maple syrup for some added sweetness.  I have tried this and found it to be quite nice, though for me, the tea doesn’t necessarily need it.  As with Chai tea, this one would also be tasty with milk added.

Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon Sunset

Cinnamon (the smell, the taste and even the color)  inspires images of fall, we already know that, but this cinnamon is different.  In a good way!  This tea has a full flavor with complexity.  Though the cinnamon is there, it’s not just a one note flavor.  Black tea and cloves are mingled with the spice so that they all shine without any one being overpowering.

So that is what you’ll find in my pantry this fall.  What is in yours?  Which teas do you choose as the weather gets cooler and the leaves change color?

Here are a couple more teas to think about…  I haven’t tried them yet, but hope to soon enough.

Harney & Sons African Autumn

Stash Premium Decaf Pumpkin Spice

Have you tried either of these? What are your thoughts? Leave us a comment telling us which teas are your favs for fall and why!


One response to “Tea for Fall

  1. Republic of Tea’s coconut cocoa is low in caffeine and a really great afternoon treat when you’d really prefer a snickers bar! Although pricey, Teavana’s white Ayurvedic chai blended with samurai chai mate also does the trick. Both are sweet and satisfying without any added sugar. Both delish!

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