Cupan Tae: a tea room in Galway, Ireland

Cupan tae outside

Anthony (my husband) & I went to Ireland with our friends Nick & Kathleen. This turned out to be the perfect combination…we got to travel as couples, and we got to ditch the boys at a pub to go to a tea room! As soon as I walked past Cupan Tae I knew I HAD to get in there.

Cupan tae inside

So in we went. First, it was just as cute as I had hoped! Second, good thing we left the guys at a pub! The pink rose curtains aren’t exactly the dude’s favorite decor. Kathleen & I sat down to take a look at the menu. We discovered an afternoon tea sampler option and just had to try it. First we tried a traditional Irish breakfast tea.

blue flower tea cup

And for our second cup we had a Galway cream tea, which was similar to Stash tea’s vanilla nut creme.

This tea is sweet without any sweetener, but makes an excellent dessert with a little cream and sugar. Speaking of cream & sugar…imagine our excitement when this tower of treats showed up at our table!

Tea treats tower

Yep, tea sandwiches, scones, and desserts. All of these and two different pots of tea — we were in tea time heaven. I’m pretty sure I was acutally giggling with excitement.

Tea & Scones

Wouldn’t you giggle with delight to see this cute container of clotted cream, raspberry jam, butter, & scones? I love tea, but I equally enjoy all of the treats that go along with it! Did I mention there were desserts too?

Tea desserts

Don’t worry, we saved a few sandwiches & desserts to bring back to Nick & Anthony. The guys got their Guiness & cake too.

So, after sharing all of these goodies, what is your favorite tea time treat?


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