Dragonfly Teapot

A teapot can be so important to the enjoyment of a cup of tea, at least for me anyway. Now, keep in mind, I’m a busy girl and don’t always have the time to steep my tea in a teapot.  In fact, sometimes I count myself lucky if I can just get the water boiling and into my travel mug before the door hits me on my way out (five minutes before I’m due at work).  But, lets not talk about that nonsense right now. Instead, think about a more relaxed experience.  Often after a long day a hot cup of tea is just what I need.  These are the times when my teapot love shines!  I have several in my collection and believe me, I love them all.  But, most of all, I love my dragonfly teapot!  This was a gift from my husband.  He is a smart guy, so he learned the quickest way to my heart early on!

Who wants a pretty cup of tea from an ugly teapot?  No one, that’s who.  My dragonfly pot is so beautiful and elegant that it’s a true pleasure to use.  It’s a wonderful cast iron and dark blue, with a dragonfly on either end.  Supposedly, these dragonflies are meant to symbolize about 4 million things, like new beginnings and marriage and such, but I don’t worry about that part all that much.  They make the teapot look great; like a piece of art.

It is just the right size for making full cups of tea for me.  Obviously, one cup is never enough!  It has a basket for steeping loose tea. No trying to deal with infusers and what have you.  Also, the cast iron will keep my tea warm for a looooog time!  I’m not the fastest drinker on record, so this is important.  I do not enjoy pouring my second cup of tea from a pretty pot then having to nuke it in the microwave to heat it up.  All appeal is gone after that.  For those of you who need hot tea for a long period, this one has a stand under which a tea light a go.

Another wonderful thing is that maintenance is quick, easy, and straight forward.  No leaving steeped tea in the pot or basket for too long and that’s really it.  Other than rising it out after use.

Basically, I’m saying I love, love, love this! What is your favorite teapot?  Where did you get it and how long have you had it?  As an enthusiast, it is great to hear how other people drink their tea and what tea-things make people happy!


3 responses to “Dragonfly Teapot

  1. Very true about tea pots, in fact my culture use different tea pots for different tea leaf to get the best tasting out of tea! Thanks for sharing I love your dragfly tea pot too.

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  3. Avinash and Bharati Lele, renowned Ayurvedic doctors from Pune,

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